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Orlando Home Inspection Testimonials

"Recently, my husband and I were in the process of purchasing our first home. After talking with a few home inspectors and doing some research we chose Richard Tan. He was so helpful and patient with us and even answered all of our parents questions (who came to the inspection with us). The inspection report was detailed and thorough. It provided us with a lot of time and money saving information. I believe Mr. Tan saved us from purchasing a lifetime in the money pit. We will certainly be looking for his help again and would highly recommend his service."

-Carrie and Ben Butkus
Orlando, FL



"My daughter recently went through the inspection process for the purchase of her first home and used the services of Richard Tan. My husband and I both attended the inspection and were very impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of Mr. Tan. He used many state of the art gadgets to determine the condition of parts of the home that were inaccessible and he covered every possible location that was accessible. He explained every finding to us in detail and made good recommendations for their remedies. He took pictures throughout the home and they were all included and annotated in the written report that was emailed to us the next day. We have purchased homes for ourselves in the past and I would rate Mr. Tan as among the best home inspectors that we have used."

-Louise Buckley
Orlando, FL



"We were looking for a bank owned town house for investment. Richard inspection saved us from getting a bad investment property. He is very professional and explained all the defects and red flags of the property. His inspection is detail, thorough and complete. I am very happy with his service and could not ask for a better home inspector."

Orlando, FL



"Richard Tan performed our home inspection and I just wanted to say he did a wonderful job! He is very knowledgable and thorough. As as Celebration resident, he knows what to look for and is very reasonably priced for the quality of the service he provides! Thank you Richard for your wonderful service on our new home."

-Rebecca Hageman
Orlando, FL



"As a Celebration resident and homeowner since 1996 I have had experience with several different home inspectors. Without reservation I highly recommend Richard Tan 407-435-2822. Not only does he have over 25 years experience he is a Celebration resident and has done hundreds of homes in Celebration. I first met Richard when I was selling my home and he was hired by the buyer. I learned a great deal from the experience and I was sold that if ever I needed an inspector for myself he was the one to hire. I have hired other inspectors in the past and none come close to the detail and time devoted by Richard both during the inspection and in his final report. I just used Richard again and I was amazed at what I learned. The modest fee I paid will be offset many many times over by the savings of addressing the issues that I could have never known about without his help."

-John Walrod
Celebration, FL



"Richard, great meeting you and going through the home inspection together with you. It was a thorough and professional piece of work all the way. It was such a reassuring thing to watch you as you systematically looked at every aspect of the home and your eye and your instinct led you to the problems. Your cumulative training and experience in virtually all of the construction trades makes you ideally qualified for the home inspections you undertake. Lucky are the clients who find you and use your professional services."

-Frank C.
Orlando, FL