Keep Your Family Safe From Mold

Keep Your Family Safe From Mold

Count on us for mold inspections in Celebration, FL and the surrounding Orlando areas

Mold can be unsightly and cause health problems for your family. If you suspect you have a mold problem, call our certified mold assessors in Celebration, FL and the surrounding area. A+ American Home Inspection can check your home for visual cracking and active water intrusion. Drywall is a common hiding place for mold, so we’ll be sure to check there.

We’ll scan your home using infrared imaging and moisture meter scans, send samples and data to a lab and email you what we find in a detailed report. Call us today at 407-435-2882 to learn more about our mold detecting techniques.

Control your mold

There a few things you can do in your home to reduce mold growth. You can:

  • Control your humidity levels
  • Quickly fix leaky roofs, windows and pipes
  • Clean and dry wet areas after flooding
  • Ventilate your shower, laundry and cooking areas

If your home has recently been exposed to moisture, talk to us today for a mold inspection.